In 2018 Nelson Mandela University entered into an agreement with the Department of Environment, Fisheries and Forestry to partner with the Department and the Eastern Cape Provincial Government to develop and implement a Master Plan for the Eastern Cape Oceans Economy.

This project was manged by the SRMA. It brought together a range of experts across disciplines within the University and the project team included a number of young graduates as researchers and facilitators. It involved wide-ranging consultations with national, provincial and local government; public entities; community stakeholders; and private sector role players. 

The Master Plan consists of four documents which you can access here:  


The first phase of the partnership culminated in the adoption of the plan by the Eastern Cape Cabinet on 11 December 2019 and a public launch on 6 March 2020. 

Below are some links to other websites, including videos of the launch:


Contact information
Dr Denver Webb
Senior Director: Strategic Resource Mobilisation and Advancement
Tel: 041-504 3661